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Today, we will review our relationship with thoughts



'What consumes your mind controls your life'

'Do not believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that: thoughts', Allan Lokos

Our mind constantly generate new thoughts.

In fact, during time of stress or when facing an emotional situation, you might experience racing thoughts. 

The issue comes when we accept thoughts as solid. You might relate to them, or even trying to control them. 


When we relate to negative thoughts, it will lead to negative emotions, with additional negative thoughts coming your way.

Or when we try to control our mind and thoughts, well it will work for a short while... until more uncontrolled thoughts emerge.

Meditate with us...

Foundations - 2 - trimmedHarmony Mindfulness
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These new habits will help you grow well being

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Create a break between your workplace and home

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Rewrite your affirmations and goals to keep you motivated


Connect more often with your friends and family. Organise catch up when possible

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