What makes us different?

Harmony is an app that helps you grow Well Being, Health and Self Care, thanks to Mindfulness & Meditation.

Attractive Mindfulness & Meditation courses... 

1% of meditation apps offer courses including written guides and visuals to boost your learning and well being... 

We introduce and explain clear concepts with attractive illustrations and well written explanations.

Learn about reducing stress, growing happiness & well being, and how to be on top of difficult situations!

We explain the physiology behind your mind

Learn about brain mechanisms leading to stress, depression and difficult emotions. 

Understand how you can process pain better, grow focus and well being. 

Learn about the physiological changes brought with Mindfulness.

And most importantly, learn about tools and techniques to grow self care and well being :-)

Daily Mindfulness Quotes, Videos & Articles


Mindfulness is more than Meditation...

We will help you to grow a different perspective on life.

We are the first app to introduce Daily Mindfulness videos, articles, quotes and much more!

Whether you want to find inspiration reading our Mindfulness Quotes, learn about Stress & Emotions watching our videos, or learning techniques to grow well being through our articles, you will find what you are looking for. 

...Introducing our mindful Sleep Stories & unique Soundscapes


We developed Sleep Stories using key mindfulness techniques to fall asleep faster.


We also include a wide range of nature sounds, to help you destress & slow down. 

More affordable than other apps

Our goal is to make Mindfulness and Meditation more accessible.

95% of meditation apps are priced from $70 to $110 per year.

We priced our app from $50 per year.

"Life is not being alive, but being well"

Marcus Aurelius

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