Hi There, We are unique.
Here is why...

Harmony is an app that helps you grow Well Being, Health and Self Care, with Mindfulness & Meditation. Very Differently.

Introducing our unique Mindfulness Coaching! 

Lower Anxiety, Raise your energy levels, and Feel way better with our coaching program!

Grow Mindfulness while developing new Habits, Goal setting and self paced Challenges!

Learn Mindfulness like no other app!

Exciting Mindfulness courses... 

A unique way to learn Mindfulness and Meditation!

Access our wide range of courses on Anxiety, Mindfulness and Science, Focus, Happiness... 

and give a boost to your well being... 

Inspiring Mindfulness Activities & Coaching

Our mindfulness coaching involve different activities, with many tips to help you progress. 


In a couple of words, it is an exciting blend of meditation, new habits, self care, nutrition, and personal challenges - with Mindfulness as an end goal.


Feel better and get on top of your days!

We explain the Brain & Science behind Mindfulness

Learn about brain mechanisms leading to stress, depression and difficult emotions. 

Understand how you can process pain better, grow focus and well being. 

Learn about the physiological changes brought with Mindfulness.

And most importantly, learn about tools and techniques to grow self care and well being :-)

Get Inspired... Every Day


Grow a different perspective on life with our Daily Mindfulness quotes and much more!

...Unwind with our Sleep Stories, or simply Relax with Nature Sounds from around the world!


We developed Sleep Stories using key mindfulness techniques to fall asleep faster. Transport your mind to a different place and time, and unwind without effort...


Or you might prefer listening to the peaceful sounds of a lake in Tasmania. A river flowing in the middle of the Alps. A calming wind of Mongolia... Listen to nature sounds from around the world!

...And regular discounts :-)

Mindfulness should not be just about money.


So we offer regular discounts, making us the best value for money you could get... by far!

"Life is not being alive, but being well"

Marcus Aurelius

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