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Harmony helps you develop happiness, well being and relaxation no matter what you face in life

With our unique approach to mindfulness, we will guide you to live a mindful life through mindfulness tips & techniques, meditations and daily inspirations

Whether you want to get inspiration reading our daily Quotes, Mindfulness videos or learning detailed techniques through our guided Courses, you will find what you want.

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With our unique approach to mindfulness, learn how to develop well being, relaxation, focus and happiness thanks to our attractive designs and techniques. 

Learn how to develop your well being with hundreds of meditations written by experts

Brand new Sleep Stories & Soothing Nature Sounds

Developed with mindfulness techniques, follow our Sleep Stories to unwind, learn to calm your mind, and fall naturally to sleep. 

To help you relax no matter where you are, you can also access a large library of unique and soothing nature sounds. 

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Feeling better & more relaxed!

This app makes me feel better and more relaxed! The meditations are excellent, and there are great illustrations to understand what is mindfulness. Highly recommended!

Tim K.

Easy to use, Great results

One of my friend recommended me this app for deal with anxiety, difficult emotions and sleep issues. I started to experience the benefits after a couple of days - I really enjoy the variety of nature sounds and sleep stories

Anne L.


I love the Daily Mindfulness tips and techniques! This app helped me understand better my emotions & mind! Love the design, and mindfulness coaching! 

Dean H.

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