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Feel Better... from Today

$34.99 / year for a very limited time

Discounted from our Standard Price: $89.99 / year

All prices are in USD

Harmony is available for iPhones only

Your app access will be activated within 20 minutes of a purchase

What you get with Harmony Premium...

Mindfulness Coach Program.png
Mindfulness Coach.png

Feel Better thanks to your Mindfulness Coach 

-Your personal Mindfulness Coach

-Build successful new Habits for Motivation, Focus & more

-& Beat Anxiety!

Better Sleep, More Energy

-Discover Amazing Habits to Sleep Better

-Soothing Sleep Stories

-& Beat Insomnia!

Sleep Coach Program.png
Sleep Coach.png
Screenshot - Mindfulness Guide.png
Screenshot - Mindfulness Screen.png

Become Mindful & Stress Less 

-100s of Mindfulness courses led by Experts

-Unique mix of Well Designed written and audio courses

Relax Anywhere, Anytime 

-100s of Expert led meditations on: Anxiety, Focus, Neuroscience, Difficult Emotions, Motivation, Happiness

-Relax with Unique Nature Sounds from around the world!

Nature Sounds.png
Screenshot - Meditation screen.png
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