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Our subconscious react

Let's understand why do we react instinctively...

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Have you ever acted on anger or frustration, or something you later regretted?


Reactions are part of our instinct and subconscious. Sometimes, we react to a situation without thinking.


In history, this fast subconscious reaction was  critical: it helped to quickly react in response of an immediate physical danger. A fight and flight response that helped to survive.


But nowadays, we may experience psychological situations - no more physical danger. But our minds have not necessarily adapted. 


Psychological threats may be interpreted the same as physical threats, by our subconscious.


So why do we react this way? And how do we change our react?

Meditate with us...

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These new habits will help you grow well being

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Stop keeping a scorecard of who needs to do what in your mind. Let go of little things that seem to accumulate for a day or 2.


Show Appreciation regularly. It helps to cultivate gratitude, in turn leading to better wellbeing and relationships.

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Pause to notice & practice mindful breathing. Any time you feel an overwhelming emotion or a trigger, just stop and practice mindful breathing to pause.

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