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Today, we will review why our mind wanders...

First let's explore where our minds wander...

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We may live in the present, but our mind does not necessarily think this way.

Up to 50% of our time thinking can relate to our past, or imagining the future. Our minds do not live in the present moment.

In fact, our mind is wired to remember better negative experiences than positive situations (1).

It is not a surprise that we may feel unhappy or experience regrets by thinking about the past too often.

But why do we have our minds wired this way?


Meditate with us...

Foundations - Meditation 3Harmony Mindfulness
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These new habits will help you grow well being

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Adapt your point of view - try to visualise a situation from a different perspective

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Shut down your inner critic

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Go somewhere new, such as a new cafe or restaurant, or just changing your route when you are going for a walk

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