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Let's discuss about criticism and self criticism

First let's explore where self criticism starts...

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Expectations are part of our daily lives. Meeting someone at a particular time, a deadline, to pass an exam, or setting a goal. 

You might even start a meditation with a number of expectations, including what will work or aiming for a number positive effects. 


Sometimes, we believe so much in these expectations that we become attached to them. Especially when expectations come from what we learned from our childhood.


But how do you feel when your expectations are not met? 

You might feel frustrated, disappointed or even angry depending of the situation. A cascade of thoughts will be present, and we will focus on justifying these thoughts based on our expectations, rather than moving on.


Meditate with us...

Foundations - 4Harmony Mindfulness
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These new habits will help you grow well being

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Mindfully review your day. How did you felt today? Did you feel disappointed or frustrated? Did you set expectations?


De stress. Once a thought becomes challenging, practice 3 to 5 minutes of deep belly breathing.

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Do not check your phone today or this evening.

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