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Becoming Aware

Waking up from the auto pilot mode...

Hi 🙂


We usually learn a new skill with focus and concentration. But Meditation is not the same way.

When we apply too much concentration on our mind, we try to direct it a very specific way.


Concentration is forcing the mind to remain or act to a specific way.


For a short time it might work. But later on, a cascade of thoughts will likely resurface, perhaps with more volume than if we did not exert this effort on our mind.

Meditate with us...

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These new habits will help you grow well being

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Stop keeping a scorecard of who needs to do what in your mind. Let go of little things that seem to accumulate for a day or 2.


Show Appreciation regularly. It helps to cultivate gratitude, in turn leading to better wellbeing and relationships.

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Pause to notice & practice mindful breathing. Any time you feel an overwhelming emotion or a trigger, just stop and practice mindful breathing to pause.

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