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"Your emotions do not impact your life.

Your react does"

Harmony Mindfulness was set up with the idea that becoming mindful is more than meditations alone.

We live in a chaotic world, with stress, time constraints, worries, taking a regular place in our lives.

Our unique Mindfulness approach was designed to develop your well being, and change the way you react.


Because Mindfulness is more than meditation, the concept is about developing more awareness, inner calm, and understand how our mind works. 

Harmony Mindfulness is a company starting as a Mobile Software Company. We are looking for expansion and partnerships in Mindfulness training - Corporate / Individuals, and Mindfulness Charities.

Hugo C.

Founder & CEO

Professional Headshot.jpg

We have developed this app thanks to an outstanding team of Mindfulness Experts, Software Engineers, Back End Architects, Designers, Marketing Experts and Creative Writers over 10+ countries. 

We continue to create and develop partnerships in different regions of the world to grow awareness around Mindfulness - but in a very different way. Mindfulness is not Meditation, it is a combination and balance of habits, goal settings, self care that help to realign our mind and well being.

We look forward growing Internationally in several regions, developing the way to teach Mindfulness, and reach 3rd world countries / communities in need.

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