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Harmony App brings new Sleep Coaching Features

Harmony AI

30th October 2020

Melbourne, Australia October 30, 2020. Harmony AI introduced new major Sleep Coaching features, aiming to Sleep Better, Change Habits and reduce Insomnia. Download today on the App Store!

Most Sleep Apps offer traditional Sleep Stories... but it is not always helping users to unwind fully and sleep better.

We came with the idea to develop with Experts, a clever mix of Sleeping Habits, Nutrition, Relaxation techniques and Sleep Stories to drive better Sleep.

Our Sleep Coaching Feature complements very well the rest of our product, including our Mindfulness Coaching, to develop Effective new Habits and Relaxation technique to face any challenge life brings you.

Download today on the App Store!

“This made me feel much better. Thank you to whoever created this amazing app.” Roro, United Kingdom
“I personally believe that this app will be able to change anyone's lives. Really appreciate the developers. Thank you very much” Nitidan, Melbourne
“After dealing a long battle with stress, depression and sleep issues, this app really helped me feeling well. ” Gary, United States

Harmony Mindfulness is a company based in Melbourne, Australia. We are creating innovative ways to promote Mental Health and well being around the world. We are dedicated to help people develop Mindfulness both with innovative products and charities.

Press Contact
Hugo Correcher
Harmony Mindfulness

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